FCC Warns of Increase in One-Ring Robocalls

The FCC is warning of an increase in one-ring robocalls. Scammers call you once, the hope you’ll be curious enough to call back.

A long-running hustle that is reportedly seeing a resurgence involves a scammer calling someone and then hanging up after just a couple of seconds. The perpetrator hopes that curiosity will prompt the person to call back. But doing so will result in expensive per-minute charges, leaving the caller with an expensive bill if the scammer succeeds in keep them on the line for any length of time.

Check It Out: FCC Warns of Increase in One-Ring Robocalls

3 thoughts on “FCC Warns of Increase in One-Ring Robocalls

  • If you don’t leave a message, I won’t call back.
    I don’t have the patience to figure out who called and, quite frankly, I don’t care!

    What I like are the robocalls that are not in English. I get robocalls in Chinese. Once I tried to imitate the sounds from the recorded message. Someone must have been listening and picked up the phone and tried to talk to me in Chinese. I just tried to repeat what he said which had to sound obnoxious. I think I upset him. He yelled something in Chinese, of course, and hung up.

    Then again, I’ve been known to lead on these callers wasting their time. I do this only when I have a few moments to have fun at their expense.

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