Inside the Lives, and Servers, of Digital Hoarders

Digital data

Despite the best efforts of Marie Kondo, many of us still hoard physical items. Perhaps not surprisingly, digital hoarding is getting ever more widespread too. Gizmodo looked into the lives of digital hoarders, who collect huge amounts of data, including rare files, audio recordings, and video games, and build their own data servers to do so.

Online, you’ll find people who use hashtags like “#digitalhoarder” and hang out in the 120,000-subscriber Reddit forum called /r/datahoarder, where they trade tips on building home data servers, share collections of rare files from video game manuals to ambient audio records, and discuss the best cloud services for backing up files…Many self-proclaimed digital hoarders say they enjoy their collections, can keep them contained in a relatively small amount of physical space, and often take pleasure in sharing them with other hobbyists or anyone who wants access to the same public data.

Check It Out: Inside the Lives, and Servers, of Digital Hoarders

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