Writing for the Macworld magazine, Jason Snell shares some ideas for a rumored iPad homescreen redesign in iOS 13.

After more than a decade using more or less the same old app-launching interface Apple introduced with the original iPhone, it takes some effort to imagine how Apple could reinvent the concept of a home screen for the iPad. But reader, I’ve managed to make that effort. Here’s a look at some directions I hope Apple will go, assuming Gurman’s sources are right, when we first see this feature this summer.

One: I cannot wait for WWDC this year to see what iOS 13 brings. I hope the rumors are true that it will be an iPad-heavy release like iOS 11.

Two: This is the first of an occasional magazine article I’ll share as one of our Linked Teasers. Just a way to help people find cool content in Apple News+.

Check It Out: News+: What Kind of an iPad Homescreen Redesign Will iOS 13 Bring?

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  1. Christian

    I am not sure if it is feasible for you, so please ignore my request, if it is not.

    Being somebody from outside the US, I am not able to read Apple News. If possible, it would be nice to link the original source directly in order to have it accessible for everyone.

    • Andrew Orr

      99% of our content is linking directly to the website. I thought it would be nice to occasionally (like once a week) link to a News+ magazine to help people discover good content within the service. I’ve seen a lot of discoverability complains for the service.

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