iPhone 14 Release Date And Features Rumors

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No sooner was the iPhone 13 in our hands, than the iPhone 14 rumors started to gather speed. iMore has a nice round-up of what we think we know so far.

Most of what we know about the next iPhone is design-based, thanks to a hefty September leak from Jon Prosser. From that report: “According to renders provided by Prosser based on information he has seen, next year’s iPhone will apparently see the end of the iPhone’s famous camera bump. Instead, it will just be thicker to hide the camera bump, and possibly provide for improved battery life. However, Prosser says he does not have information on the phone’s internals and that he has only seen the design of the device.”

Check It Out: iPhone 14 Release Date And Features Rumors

One thought on “iPhone 14 Release Date And Features Rumors

  • Charlotte:

    I like this rumour.

    As my travel still has not picked up substantially, and most of my pics are around the house, I have opted to stay with my iPhone X, which speaks to how well this device was future-proofed at release. I was tempted to bite on the iPhone 13 Pro, but the already circulating rumours of the 14 moved me to ask, ‘Why?’. The rumours of the flush finish, the glass backing and the titanium chassis, not to mention the newer chipset, all augured for a firm ‘Hold’.

    Looking forward to next year. And that 27” iMac.

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