iPhone Naming Conventions Are a Mess

Ken Segall writes (Sep. 9) that it’s time to dump both the “i” in iPhone as well as the alphabet soup.

I think it’s amazingly cool that the i-thing happened, but everything has a beginning and an end. The trick is knowing when to end.

Smarts and forward-thinking always beats clinging to the past.

The truth is, Apple has already made the i-decision. It’s been years since a new i-product appeared. Apple Watch, Apple Music, Apple Pay, Apple Card—all would be i-things under the old rules.

Apple dropped the alphabet soup on Sep. 10 along with the bizarre “X” vs. “ten.” Will the “i” be next?

Check It Out: iPhone Naming Conventions Are a Mess

3 thoughts on “iPhone Naming Conventions Are a Mess

  • I totally agree that Phone is the only way to go, but people gonna call it whatever they like. Witness iWatch, you’re never going to fix that.

    And what a great distraction, arguing dumb product names, instead of questioning the 4 year innovation cycle, even for Phone, now!! 4 years in tech is death. Apple has become a marketing company that thinks it can sell anything – you’re going to drink diet coke just for the taste of it! You’re going to buy a Mac without touch or Pencil support, because it’s still the 1990s!

    There’s no need for Pro monickers, unless they do actual Pro work. Mac Pro, MacBook Pro may one day do Pro work again, you know for more than an hour before thermal throttling. There’s nothing pro about a Phone or Pad (as they called it in Star Trek… actually PADD).

    It’s just Phone 6.1″ 2019, iPad 12.9″ 2018, Mac 27″ 2019, MacBook 14″ 2020 etc. and then marketing can get on with doing MARKETING, instead of distraction-naming products.

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