iPhone SE Delivery Times Stabilizing

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iPhone SE delivery times in various countries seem to have caught up with demand. That’s according to data in a note from J.P. Morgan, seen by AppleInsider.

Delivery times in that country appear to have stabilized at an 8-day estimate after an order is placed. JP Morgan also says that customers in China are still able to pick up their iPhone SE orders in-store on the same day they’re ordered. All Apple Stores in China are currently open, though the company is taking steps to reopen more locations elsewhere. Estimates in Germany and the U.K. have risen to 10 days, up a single day from the 9-day estimate the week before. Like China, the Western European regions account for roughly 15% of total iPhone shipments. Overall, JP Morgan’s data suggests an aggregate shipment time of 11 days across all the regions it tracks. That has dropped sharply since early 17-day delivery estimates in the second week of iPhone SE availability.

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