Could it finally be the end of the road for iTunes? That is one of the rumors circulating in the run-up to WWDC 2019. Bloomberg News reported that iTunes retirement could be announced next week.

The changes will showcase Apple’s new generation of devices and software: Apple Watches that are more independent from iPhones, iPads with software that reduces the need for a laptop, apps that run on any Apple device, and growth areas such as augmented reality and personal health-care management, according to people familiar with the plans. While the developer conference is software-focused, the company often sprinkles new hardware announcements in at the event. This year, Apple won’t show off a new Apple Watch or iPhone hardware until the fall, but has considered previewing the new Mac Pro at the conference.

Check It Out: iTunes May Be Retired at WWDC 2019

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  1. Intruder

    So, I have my entire video library converted to m4v and being streamed from a machine on my network so that I can watch from my various AppleTV’s. If iTunes is going away, how do I: 1) stream them to be viewed; and 2) watch them from my AppleTV’s?

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