Did Jack Dorsey Quit Twitter, or Was he Fired?

Twitter CEO jack Dorsey

It’s been one of the most interesting things to ponder since Jack Dorsey announced his shock departure from Twitter – was it his choice? Nick Bilton at Vanity Fair has had a go at working it all out. Personally, the smoothness of the transition, plus the fact Mr. Dorsey is being replaced by a close ally and will complete his board term, indicated to me that this was to a large extent his decision. However, that’s not quite what Mr. Bilton found.

I spoke to almost half a dozen people familiar with the company’s inner workings, and while they were not directly involved in Dorsey’s “resignation,” these are people who have a deep understanding of the place, and as such theorized that Dorsey is being ousted as CEO, rather than leaving of his own accord. (Twitter itself did not immediately respond to a request for comment.)

Check It Out: Did Jack Dorsey Quit Twitter, or Was he Fired?

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