Kaspersky Lab, a Russian cybersecurity company accused of having ties with the Kremlin, violated App Store rules and had its app removed. Now it says Apple uses its “position as platform owner and supervisor” to give itself special treatment.

From our point of view, Apple appears to be using its position as platform owner and supervisor of the sole channel for delivering apps to users of the platform to dictate terms and prevent other developers from operating on equal terms with it. As a result of the new rules, developers of parental control apps may lose some of their users and experience financial impact.

You can obviously tell I think this is hilarious. To be fair, developers getting sherlocked by Apple is a real thing, but having your app removed because it breaks the rules isn’t getting sherlocked.

Check It Out: Kaspersky Lab Jumps on Apple Monopoly Bandwagon

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  1. archimedes

    Kaspersky just wants to protect your Apple devices by securely uploading all sensitive information to state-of-the-art data protection vaults for careful analysis to ensure sure that no malware has been installed.

    • archimedes

      Apologies for cut/paste error; unfortunately it seems that comments can’t be edited on this page for some reason.

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