Making The Case For The Apple TV

Apple TV

Over on AppleInsider, Neil Hughes has put forward the case for defense for the Apple TV. He also suggested some different directions the device could be taken in. It works nicely alongside Tuesday’s episode of Media+!

If the Apple TV is to ever be promoted from its “hobby” status, that probably means that Apple would need to enhance and grow the product lineup with more options. So perhaps that means it employs a few of the potential outcomes outlined above, allowing the company to hit various price points and needs. It’s not difficult to envision a premium Apple TV with soundbar and/or built-in Siri smart home capabilities, being sold alongside an inexpensive $50 stick with access to the tvOS App Store limited to streaming apps. And perhaps in the middle there could be a gaming-focused model, shipping with a controller but not focusing on the extraneous voice and smart home controls that gamers might not care about.

Check It Out: Making The Case For The Apple TV

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