Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella Echos Tim Cook on Privacy

MacBook with a Spying Eye

At the Mobile World Congress 2019, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella echoed publicly the notions of Apple’s Tim Cook on customer privacy. Computerworld’s Jonny Evans has the story.

Nadella’s Microsoft seems to be moving in a similar direction as the old guard of more responsible technologists join forces to combat the unintended consequences of tech firms who have moved fast and loose in their treatment and support for user privacy.

Evans concludes: “Ultimately, it’s all about trust.”

Check It Out: Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella Echos Tim Cook on Privacy

4 thoughts on “Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella Echos Tim Cook on Privacy

  • It is absolutely all about trust, as Robert de Niro said ‘you are either in my circle of trust, or you’re not’ and Microsoft are like Facebook IMHO, absolutely outside.
    When a company considers share price first, everything else secondary you know their moral compass is broken. Microsoft products are used under sufferance, not through choice, at work, stuff just breaks… every update breaks something else.

    I trust Apple to do the right thing, because I choose to pay handsomely for their products Apple can afford NOT to make me and MY data part of their offer to advertisers.
    Anybody else?, NAH, niet, no, nein, non. Capiche?

  • Maybe Mr. Nadella will consider mitigating or removing the privacy-invading, tracking-friendly aspects of Windows 10, or at least changing the default privacy settings to “private.”

    1. just because its “private” doesn’t necessarily mean it doesn’t STILL leak data. Privacy is a right, not an opt-out button.
      When a corporate dresses up stealing your data as ‘improvements to the user experience’ or making it possible for THEM to derive income from your data, then you KNOW you are screwed.
      GDPR has teeth, they hurt.. Eurocrats might not always get a good press, but the penalties have certainly made EU organisations of ANY size take a long hard look at their data management and security practices.

      In the Land of the Free, its another matter altogether, sorry about that.. but the majority of American corporations simply don’t give a stuff, its all about the money.

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