Facebook’s former security chief told the Collision Conference Tuesday that Mark Zuckerberg should stand down as CEO. CNBC reported that Alex Stamos suggested Microsoft President Brad Smith as a replacement.

“There’s a legit argument that he has too much power,” said Stamos, who left the company in 2018, at the Collision Conference in Toronto. “He needs to give up some of that power. If I was him, I would go hire a new CEO for the company.” Stamos even offered a specific suggestion: Microsoft President Brad Smith. Facebook and Zuckerberg have been embroiled in controversy since the lead up to the last presidential election, when the platform was inundated with fake news and became a haven for bullying and harassment. Stamos knows something about the issues plaguing the company — he was among the first people at Facebook to discover Russians were using the social network to interfere with the 2016 election.

Check It Out: Microsoft President Should Replace Mark Zuckerberg, Says Ex-Facebook Exec

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  1. John Kheit

    I suggest that Alex dunk his head in a toilet and repeat “this is what my opinion is worth” until he understands just that.

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