Portable Second Monitor for Your MacBook: $179.35

Mobile Pixels DUEX Pro Portable Dual Monitor

Our deal for the Mobile Pixels DUEX Pro portable dual monitor is back. This device is a portable monitor designed to be hung off the side of your MacBook or other laptop. It’s a 1080p resolution display, and it works through USB-C. It’s $249.99 through our deal, but coupon code SAVEDUEXPRO brings it down to $179.35 at checkout.

Check It Out: Portable Second Monitor for Your MacBook: $179.35

2 thoughts on “Portable Second Monitor for Your MacBook: $179.35

  • If only there were a portable device with a built in screen that could be used to extend the screen real estate of a laptop…;-)

    I do think the mounting idea is neat, but as one who travels with personal laptop and company iPad I’ve been using the latter for this purpose. I use Duet with Mojave, I was interested to try Catalina for Sidecar but after reading all the issues with Catalina I’m sticking with Mojave until they stop issuing security updates…

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