Portable Second Monitor for Your MacBook: $179.35

Our deal for the Mobile Pixels DUEX Pro portable dual monitor is back. This device is a portable monitor designed to be hung off the side of your MacBook or other laptop. It’s a 1080p resolution display, and it works through USB-C. It’s $249.99 through our deal, but coupon code SAVEDUEXPRO brings it down to $179.35 at checkout.

Be Good and Don't Get Caught – Mac Geek Gab 793

macOS Catalina might finally be ready for prime-time with 10.15.2. Your two favorite geeks discuss. Then it’s on to your tips and questions. Listen as John and Dave talk through Keyboard Shortcuts, third-party display issues, full-page screenshots, watching TV in multiple locations, outbound VPN, Mail, Bluetooth, and more! We guarantee you’ll learn at least five new things before the band plays you out for the week.

Add Four Displays To Your Mac with Targus USB-C Universal Quad HD Docking Station

The beauty of our new USB-C docking station world (don’t say dongles!) is the flexibility and expandability it provides for our Macs. Targus highlights this perfectly with their new USB-C Universal Quad HD Docking Station that they were showing off Sunday at CES Unveiled. In addition to four USB 3.0 ports, an audio in/out port, and a USB-C port with 15W of power, this dock includes four (yes, 4!) HDMI ports, each connectable to a 1080p display. MacOS sees each of these connected displays individually, meaning you could just as easily have four separate screens for your day-trading delights as you could build a multi-screen video “wall” and spread your image across all four of them simultaneously. At US$275 this is a no-brainer if you need those kind of display options. A unit supporting four 4K screens will be out later this year, due to be priced at US$375.