It's Good to Do The Math – Mac Geek Gab 812

USB Power Delivery isn’t as clear a concept as it could be, and your two favorite geeks help sort this out. That’s not all, of course, because John and Dave are here to answer ALL of your questions. This week that includes issues with Spotlight, Backups, displays for your Mac mini, managing your external DAC, and more. Press play … and enjoy!

Portable Second Monitor for Your MacBook: $179.35

Our deal for the Mobile Pixels DUEX Pro portable dual monitor is back. This device is a portable monitor designed to be hung off the side of your MacBook or other laptop. It’s a 1080p resolution display, and it works through USB-C. It’s $249.99 through our deal, but coupon code SAVEDUEXPRO brings it down to $179.35 at checkout.

This Ultra-Portable Monitor Gives Your Laptop a Second Screen Anywhere: $179.35

Check out the Mobile Pixels DUEX Pro, a portable display that connects to your laptop to give you a second display wherever you go. This device connects to your Mac, Windows, Chrome, or Linux laptop via a USB cable, and you attach it physically to the upper lid of your laptop so that it’s always with you. It slides out when you want to use it, and there’s a mirroring mode that allows you to turn it around soo you can share your screen with someone sitting across from you. It’s offers 1080p resolution, and it’s $211 through our deal. Use coupon code BFSAVE15 at checkout to bring it down to $179.35.