Why The New Mac mini and M1 Chip is a Big Deal For Hollywood

New Mac mini with M1 chip

Apple put creativity front and center when unveiling its new products on Tuesday. The Hollywood Reporter found that many in the film and creative industries are excited about the possibilities of the Mac mini with it’s new M1 chip.

Veteran editor Harry B. Miller III says the new Mac minis in particular “could be huge” for the editing community. “Most of the editing industry is either on old cheese-grater or trashcan Macs. It seems to me the Mac mini with this new chip could easily and fairly cheaply replace all those old units,” he says. “Fox Studios, for example, had been refurbishing cheese-graters to keep them up to date with CPU’s and memory for more complex workflows. It would now be cheaper to replace them with the new Mini.” Miller says he plans to buy one. “I’ve used a Mini for the past 18 months for Avid [Media Composer] and [Adobe] Premiere Pro work on all my projects,” he notes. “Because of the pandemic, I know there have been a lot of equipment investments into iMacs for remote work. I could see the Mini’s replacing them as well.”

Check It Out: Why The New Mac mini and M1 Chip is a Big Deal For Hollywood

2 thoughts on “Why The New Mac mini and M1 Chip is a Big Deal For Hollywood

  • I think they might want to hold out until the rest of the Mac line up comes out, however long that might take. Seems to me Apple went with the lower performing machines first. Who knows what’s coming next for the Mac Pro (I’m wondering if the iMac Pro is done now).

  • This seems an odd article, as the author of the original apparently missed the fact that
    the M1 Mac Mini RAM is NOT user upgradable and limited to 16 Gb MAX as it is
    soldered on the custom M1 “chip carrier” and most heavy duty video/audio editing
    uses 32 or 64GB of RAM ( which is available on the mid-2020 Intel CPU Mac Mini ).

    Also external e-GPUs are also not supported by M1 Mac Mini’s two USB4/TB3 ports.

    Unknown if external PCI-e expansion chassis are supported but are often used with
    external audio cards for high end audio work flows.

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