Disney stock is dropping and analysts like Bernie McTernan from Rosenblatt Securities think that tech giants like Apple should consider buying it.

We believe those with long-time horizons, like mega-cap companies with large cash balances and whose equity outperformed Disney over the last three weeks, like Apple, could take advantage of the volatility. The upside from acquiring Disney would be securing their content/streaming strategy and potential synergies from adding the emerging Disney ecosystem to the iOS platform.

Apple could also look into buying a private island, renaming it Island+, and forming its own country. I don’t know about you but sign me up for a squircle-shaped house.

Check It Out: No, Apple Isn’t Going to Buy Disney

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      • Lee Dronick

        “But could they make them thinner and lighter?”

        Probably not now that Sir Johnny is gone.

      • Andrew Orr

        “Our toilet paper is so thin it’s like using your bare fingers. And yet we were able to pack so much technology into it, like chamfered edges.”

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