iPhone 13 : Orange is Not The New Black

Whether it’s clothing or iPhones, I generally stick to variations of black, grey, and white. (I got a Blue iPhone XR – a major step forward for me – before retreating back into my comfort zone with the darker )!) Forbes contributor David Phelan appears to be a big fan of brightly-colored devices though. He was disappointed that Max Weinbach and Filip Koroy from Everything Apple Pro have said an orange iPhone 13 is unlikely.

However, it almost always saves its brighter colors for the regular rather than the Pro. And Apple has come very close to an orange iPhone already in the shape of the iPhone XR in coral, which had a lobster-orange look to it. Anyway, if the thought of a matte-finish orange iPhone appeals to you as much as it does me—and, to be clear, it appeals to me a lot—then before we go any further I should tell you: it’s not coming. According to Weinbach, although it reached a certain stage in the production process, it’s unlikely to make it to launch. Well, I’m taking heart that that’s not a definite no, but it seems my hopes for an orange iPhone are currently doomed.

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One thought on “iPhone 13 : Orange is Not The New Black

  • I’d have an orange iPhone, I had an Orange Pebble, I’ve been using the Product (Red) leather cases on my iphones since 2014, I had an orange wall as a teenager, I have an orange Anglepoise right next to my monitor. Come on Apple, brighten up my day I’ve since gone for a teal Otterbox case with transparent back – so the orange would show up nicely when I next upgrade in about 18 months.

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