ars technica has posted at terrific story by Richard Jensen on the origins of the Unix operating system back in the late 1960s.

Maybe its pervasiveness has long obscured its origins. But Unix, the operating system that in one derivative or another powers nearly all smartphones sold worldwide, was born 50 years ago from the failure of an ambitious project that involved titans like Bell Labs, GE, and MIT.

A derivative of the original Unix OS, in the family tree of BSD, is the basis for macOS, iOS, and is even running in your Apple Watch.

Check It Out: The Origins of Unix – Now 50 Years Old

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  1. gGrant

    I always thought Unix was reverse engineered from Alien technology. Isn’t that why (Apple ambassador) Goldblum was able to infect the alien computers with a virus in Independence Day?? Because their computers used Unix, too! Paging Dave Hamilton…

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