Remember that science petition going around that 250 scientists signed, warning about AirPods and cancer? Turns out it had nothing to do with AirPods.

So rather than finding any link between cancer or other issues in levels of EMF at or below the current, accepted regulations, the scientists involved here were simply asking for more research into to area and suggested that it was probably a good idea to limit human exposure.

Various bloggers picked up the subject and worked to associate it with Apple’s AirPods…without regard for the fact that nothing in the petition even suggested concern about in-ear headphones, Bluetooth, or AirPods.

Check It Out: It Turns Out That Science Petition Wasn’t Warning About AirPods

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  1. John Kheit

    Sorry, meant to specIFY, the article that is disingenuous is the apple insider article. Andrew’s reporting on that artIcle is objectively right on all fours.

  2. John Kheit

    Article is totally disingenuous while itself asserting other articles as clickbait, it itself is just that. Article notes that the scientists released their petition and concern before release of AirPods in 2015, and comes to wacko conclusion that therefore AirPods are immune to the scientists criticism of long term rf exposure when that is exactly what they expose the wearer to. And then the article outright ignores the concern that those scientists have seen exposure to rf increase and they want to change the guidelines to reduce rf output. Super disingenuous

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