Google Assistant Can Read Your Kids a Bedtime Story

If you have Google Assistant and the latest version of Google Play Books on your iOS device, it can now read your kids a bedtime story.

Ahead of National Tell a Story Day taking place on Saturday, youngsters now have more ways to hear a bedtime tale. As of today, the feature will be available on iOS and Android phones in English in the US, UK, Canada, Australia and India.

Sounds like a great feature. When I asked Siri to read me a bedtime story, she said: “Next you’ll be asking me for a glass of milk. And a dark matter cookie.” Damnit Siri, that doesn’t even make sense.

Check It Out: Google Assistant Can Read Your Kids a Bedtime Story

2 thoughts on “Google Assistant Can Read Your Kids a Bedtime Story

  • Once upon a time there were two children. The boy Alex, smartest and coolest in his class, told Google everything he could, such as what candy he liked, which parent he liked best, and what route he walked to school. Alex got a lot of toys every birthday because Google knew when he was born. The girl Siri, however, was secretive and private. Nobody liked her because she never told Google anything useful for the advertisers. She was eaten by a monster that came from under her bed, and that monster is still roaming around, looking for naughty kids who don’t tell Google everything.

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