This Trick Might Save Your AirPods’ Battery Life

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Redditor u/smakusdod proposes a trick that could help with your AirPods’ battery life. It involves resetting the AirPods case and draining the batteries of both the AirPods and the case to re-calibrate the battery life measurement system.

I completely reset the AirPods case (holding down the white button on the back for 10+ seconds), and re-paired them with my iPhone. I then completely drained both AirPods down to zero, and the case itself down to zero through normal usage. Then, I put the dead AirPods into the dead case, and charged them both up to 100%.

At some point over the weekend I’ll try this to see what happens. My AirPods haven’t significantly lost battery life, but I have noticed one Pod has a slightly lower maximum charge than the other one.

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