Scientists Say AirPods May be Linked to Cancer

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Over 250 are signing a petition calling on the United Nations and World Health Organization to create stronger guidelines over devices like AirPods and possible links to cancer.

Some experts believe that AirPods may be especially dangerous since the devices sit deep inside the ear canal where they emit radiation to fragile parts of the ear. The scientists also noted other possible health hazards, including an increase in harmful free radicals, genetic damages, structural and functional changes of the reproductive system, learning and memory deficits, and neurological disorders.

Further reading: PSA: Wi-Fi Doesn’t Cause Cancer, Some Guidelines on how to Spot Bad Science.

The iPhone XS Max 256GB + AirPods Giveaway

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The iPhone XS Max 256GB + AirPods Giveaway

Check out the The iPhone XS Max 256GB + AirPods Giveaway we’re running with Stack Commerce. All you have to do is sign up—or log in to our Deals site if you’re already signed up—and click the green Enter to Win button. One winner will be drawn in about a month.

AirPods 2 Might Charge in 15 Minutes

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The much anticipated AirPods 2 will charge quickly it seems. Very quickly. Cult of Mac reported on a tweet from writer Max Weinbach that said that the earbuds could be charged in 15 minutes. The case is though likely to be heavier and bigger, Mr. Weinbach said. It is also thought that the AirPods 2 will be available in black. It could all be unveiled at Apple’s expected March 25th event.

“AirPods wireless charging will happen. It will be VERY fast (0-100 in 15 minutes.) That speed is for the AirPods AND the case. It will probably use Qi charging,” said Max Weinbach on Twitter. The current version of these headphones already fast charge, but power comes from their case. The charging case has to be plugged into a Lightning cable. The next version will be all wireless.

The Success of AirPods and Apple's Product Strategy

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But fast-forward to 2019 and, somehow, the £159-a-pair little pods have transformed into a bona fide status symbol.

I’m not so sure AirPods are a status symbol, and definitely not a millennial one (The word millennial isn’t even mentioned in this article except the headline). But the AirPods are a great example of Apple’s product strategy: Enter a market with crappy products with a better designed, easy-to-use product, and reap the rewards.

AirPods Have Become One of Apple's Most Important Products

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AirPods were somewhat derided when Apple first released them towards the end of 2016.  They looked silly, and surely they were going to fall out of your ear? As it happens, they have been a huge success, selling millions of units. Lance Ulanoff posted his take on the accessory’s success over on Medium, and it is well worth a read. He highlights how central AirPods could be to Apple’s strategy going forward.

Then, somewhere along the way, I started noticing other people wearing AirPods. At first it was just the occasional sighting, like spotting a green parrot in Brooklyn. However, I remember the moment when I stood in a New York City subway car and noticed more than a half dozen people wearing AirPods. Apple’s oddball product had broken through.

CES - Hyper's New Wireless AirPods Charging Case

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At CES 2019 on Wednesday, Hyper was showing off the new version of their AirPods charging case. Due to be made available imminently, the case completely encompasses your current AirPods charging case, and contains a Lightning connector in the bottom. Simply place your existing AirPods charger inside the Hyper case and lay that down on a Qi pad (or mat, like the one coming in Q2 shown in the picture here) and, boom, your AirPods wirelessly charge. Retail price is said to be just US$20.

CES – Hyper’s New Wireless AirPods Charging Case

iOS: How to Find Your iPhone with Your AirPods

· Melissa Holt · Quick Tip

Got an Apple Watch? You can use it to ping a lost iPhone in your house. But did you know that you can do that with your AirPods, too, assuming they’re set up to do so? You can, and we’ve got the trick to it in today’s Quick Tip!

Stylish New Leather AirPods Case

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AirPods are hugely popular but, let’s be honest, the charging case is hardly the most chic item Apple has ever released. Accessories maker NOMAD may have solved that problem. On Thursday, they are going to release the Rugged Case – a fully leather outer case for AirPods. Available in brown or black, you can put the AirPod charging case intro the Rugged Case, providing extra protection and a little bit more style. Priced at $29.95, the Rugged Case is available to pre-order now. Distribution will commence on Thursday, 15 November.

Stylish New Leather AirPods Case

Pictar Pro, Netflix Narnia, Apple's October Surprise - ACM 482

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Apple Context Machine Logo

The Pictar Pro marries old school camera goodness to modern iPhone convenience, and Bryan Chaffin and Jeff Gamet weigh the pros and cons. They also talk about Netflix’s plans to make new movies and TV series (both) out of The Chronicles of Narnia books. Lastly, they talk about what to expect if Apple does an October media event.

Apple Watch and AirPods to Be Spared from Next Round of China Tariffs

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Apple Watch Series 4

Though originally covered in early drafts of a $200 billion escalation of President Donald Trump’s trade war with China, the product code covering these two Apple devices—as well as competing devices—will be exempted from tariffs.