User Finds a Clever Way to Trace the Untraceable AirPods Cases

AirPods Pro Hearing Aid Mode

AirPod users have reported challenges with misplaced charging cases, as the standard case itself lacks Find My integration, unlike the AirPods earpieces themselves. This is especially true for AirPods Pro 1st Gen and all three generations of AirPods base variants. This can result in replacements costing a significant portion of the original AirPods price.

A recent social media post highlighted a user’s solution: attaching an AirTag to the AirPods 3 case using an external case. This uses the Find My network’s capabilities and will allow them to locate a missing standard AirPods case.

However, the user also noted a limitation—the AirTag’s indicator light, which assists in close-range location, is concealed by the external case. But that’s not a big issue either; just stretching the case a bit can reveal the light. The light doesn’t play a huge role anyway; the AirPods will function perfectly even if the light isn’t working.

Apple’s Find My service offers a built-in solution for AirPods Pro (2nd generation). These cases use Precision Finding technology, which uses ultra-wideband for precise location tracking within the Find My app. This eliminates the need for external accessories and ensures the indicator light remains visible.

For users with standard AirPods cases or those seeking an alternative approach, the AirTag method presented suggests a potential option. I personally found this method amazing, and all I can think of is this meme:

According to some reports, Apple is planning to bring AirPods with built-in cameras as early as 2026. Moreover, AirPods are getting head nod controls, improved call quality, and spatial audio in gaming in iOS 18, which was announced at WWDC.

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