Brexit Finally Paying Off? Apple Intelligence Snubs EU but Not UK

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We’ve known for some time now that Apple won’t be releasing Apple Intelligence in the EU, at least not this year. Why? You can find it here. But after the arrival of the new prime minister in the UK yesterday, it clicked for me that the UK isn’t part of the EU anymore, thanks to Brexit, and Apple has no reason to stall the AI release there. And I was right. This decision has led to mixed reactions and interpretations across the political and technological spectrum.

Here, you can see a dedicated Apple Intelligence page on the official Apple website is available for the UK, but no such page is available for any of the countries in the EU.

Some supporters of Brexit claim that Apple’s decision to build its new flagship tech features in the UK is a clear advantage of leaving the EU. They argue that it shows the UK’s ability to attract innovative tech features ahead of its European counterparts.

However, critics argue that if the UK were still part of the EU, it could have participated in shaping the DMA legislation that Apple is contesting.

It’s worth noting that the UK has passed legislation similar to the EU’s Digital Markets Act (DMA) but with key differences. The UK version includes exemptions if companies can prove their practices produce net positive consumer outcomes, potentially explaining Apple’s decision.

As the situation unfolds, questions remain about whether users with US Apple IDs can access the feature in the EU and how long Apple can maintain this strategy as regulatory pressure mounts globally. A workaround using a US Apple ID is unlikely to function.

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