AirPods Pro Flashing White? Problems and Solutions

AirPods Pro flashing white

The charging case for your AirPods Pro and other AirPods models might flash a white light from time to time. For those who are wondering, this typically means that the accessory is ready to be paired with a nearby iPhone, iPad, or other device. However, some folks occasionally see this flashing white light, and yet their AirPods Pro won’t connect to another device. So, let me walk you through some solutions if you encounter problems with AirPods Pro flashing white even though it won’t pair with your other device.

What the Different AirPods Lights Mean

First, it would be best to know and understand what each of the lights that usually flash on your AirPods Pro’s case means. Your AirPods Pro may flash three colors of light depending on the situation. If the charging case flashes a green light, it means that your AirPods Pro is fully charged. On the other hand, if it flashes amber, this means your AirPods Pro needs to be charged. And of course, there’s the white light, which means that your AirPods are ready to be paired with or connected to a nearby iPhone, iPad, or Mac.

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What to Do When AirPod Pro Case Gets Stuck on Flashing White Light

As previously mentioned, when your AirPod Pro case flashes the white light, it simply means that it is ready to connect or pair with a nearby device. So, what should you do if your AirPods Pro continues to flash white but will not connect to a nearby device? See some possible fixes below.

Recharge the AirPods

One of the reasons why your AirPods Pro won’t connect to your iPhone, iPad, or Mac is that they are running out of battery charge. If that’s the case, make sure to fully charge them first. Then try pairing again and when the white light flashes, hopefully, it succeeds this time. If not, see the next solution below.

Clean the AirPods and Their Charging Case

if you’re like me who just use your AirPods Pro without bothering to clean them or the charging case, well, it’s time to change the habit. So, make it a point to clean your AirPods Pro and their charging case regularly. This is because, dirt and grime might accumulate, especially inside the charging case. When that happens, the connection between the AirPods and the charging case might not work properly due to dirt and grime interfering with contact between the electrical leads.

Use a clean cotton cloth dampened with alcohol to wipe the external part of the charging case and the AirPods Pro themselves. Please avoid wiping the speaker grills and other external openings, since it might cause your AirPods Pro to malfunction.

To clean the inside of the charging case, dampen a cotton swab with alcohol, then insert it into the two holes inside the charging case. I’m referring to where you place your AirPods when charging.

Disable and Enable Bluetooth

Try disabling and then enabling Bluetooth on the device that you are pairing with the AirPods. Doing so will restart the process and possibly eliminate the bug that’s causing the flashing white light and inability of your AirPods to pair with the device.

Connect AirPods Pro One at a Time

Although this is not a usual practice, some folks reported that by pairing their AirPods individually, they were able to successfully pair them with their Apple device. So, put one AirPod in the case, open its lid and place it close to the device you are pairing it with. Do the same with the other AirPod. Then try placing both of them again in the charging case and pair them with your device when the white light flashes.

Restart Your Device

If your AirPods Pro fails to pair up with your iPhone, iPad, or Mac and yet the white light on the charging case keeps flashing, the problem may be with the device. So, try restarting the device you’re trying to pair with the AirPods Pro and then pair it again. Hopefully, this solves the issue.

Reset Network Connection

A faulty or unstable network connection may also cause your AirPods not to connect with your iPhone, iPad, or Mac. By resetting the network on your device, it will forget all Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections and reset the pairing process. Hence, you are eliminating the bug that’s preventing the AirPods to connect with the device.

Reset Your iPhone or iPad

If resetting the network connection did not resolve the issue, your last resort is to restart your device. Then try reconnecting and pairing the device again with your AirPods Pro.

Final Words: Check the Authenticity of Your AirPods Pro or Contact the Apple Service Center

If you got your AirPods from sources other than the Apple Store, you might want to check whether it is fake or not. You can check out our previous article on how to tell if AirPods are fake, to help you verify whether you have authentic AirPods or not.

Finally, if you are sure that you have an authentic AirPods Pro and you have done all the troubleshooting steps mentioned above, and still the AirPods Pro won’t connect to your device despite the flashing white light, make an appointment with the nearest Apple Service Center. The folks at Apple could give you a proper diagnosis of what’s troubling your AirPod Pro.

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