Phil Schiller Speaks Out on ‘Hey’ Email Controversy

during a special event at Apple headquarters on September 10, 2013 in Cupertino, California.

A controversy over the past few days has been about an email app called Hey that was initially approved by the App Store review team, then rejected later. Phil Schiller spoke about the issue in an interview.

One way that Hey could have gone, Schiller says, is to offer a free or paid version of the app with basic email reading features on the App Store then separately offered an upgraded email service that worked with the Hey app on iOS on its own website. Schiller gives one more example: an RSS app that reads any feed, but also reads an upgraded feed that could be charged for on a separate site. In both cases, the apps would have functionality when downloaded on the store.

My opinion is that Apple could stand to reduce its cut from 30% down to 15-18%. But we definitely don’t need other proposals, like downloading apps from outside the App Store like you can on the Mac.

Check It Out: Phil Schiller Speaks Out on ‘Hey’ Email Controversy

2 thoughts on “Phil Schiller Speaks Out on ‘Hey’ Email Controversy

  • Why does Apple need to cut their fee? Such an ignorant comment Orr. Orr, why do you want Apple to cut its fee’s? You hate success so much? Must be.

    Developers know the arrangement going in. Developers have a true basic choice – they do not wish to pay the Apple store fees – don’t develop and sell for iOS and Apple. So basic and simple.

    The developer is trying to sell his app for the most profit he/she can I guess I would imagine (if not, get a new line of business work). Apple is in business too. Yup, trying to make profit, Apple, very successful at this profit biz – so developers must not have to pay this cost why? Even though they have agreed to the Apple Store terms of service to sell apps.

    People don’t like Apple the Apple Store, Apple products – fine. These people have literally true choices. Don’t buy an Apple product, don’t develop for Apple products, don’t sell on the Apple store platform. SO simple!

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