The Very Clever Pictar Smartphone Camera Grip (Plus): $92.99

Pictar Smartphone Camera Grip (Plus)

Check out the Pictar Smartphone Camera Grip (Plus), a device I would have linked to in a Cool Stuff Found article if we didn’t have a deal for it. It’s a camera grip that fits most iPhones, and it does that in a very clever way. Rather than matching physical buttons or even using a wireless connection for camera controls, this device emits high frequency sounds you can’t hear, but that the free companion app can. That allows you to control all manner of camera settings on your iPhone while using very little power. And you can 15% on the Pictar Smartphone Camera Grip (Plus) through us and get it for $92.99.

Check It Out: The Very Clever Pictar Smartphone Camera Grip (Plus): $92.99

2 thoughts on “The Very Clever Pictar Smartphone Camera Grip (Plus): $92.99

  • I particularly like how it resembles a classic 35MM camera.

    A few weeks ago I was waiting outside a store while my wife was shopping. This old fart came up and asked I could use his camera and take some photographs of him. He had an old Leica and was taking a roll of film into the nearby camera store and wanted to use up the roll. He asked if I knew how to use it and I said yes “It is like riding a bicycle”, we both laughed. There is something to using the old cameras that is lacking in the smart phones.

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