Maybe PornHub Could Resurrect Dying Tumblr

After banning porn, Tumblr’s users have fled the platform. Now Verizon Media Group is looking to sell it off.

It’s tough to say which media company might be in the market for Tumblr at this point. The once white-hot platform doesn’t hold the same sort of cache it did when it was purchased half a decade ago. Notably, Tumblr also lost its CTO to SeatGeek earlier this week.

I love serendipitous moments in life. For example, last night I read that Verizon wants to sell Tumblr. I immediately thought to myself, “PornHub should definitely buy it.” An hour later, BuzzFeed News wrote that, indeed, PornHub is interested.

Check It Out: Maybe PornHub Could Resurrect Dying Tumblr

2 thoughts on “Maybe PornHub Could Resurrect Dying Tumblr

  • I’m on Tumblr. I’ve been using Tumblr for half a decade at least. The only change after the great porn purge that Ive noticed is fewer ads for hookers and escort services. The communities I follow, the people I follow, they are all still there. The jokes, the are, the memes, the blogs, they’re all still there. Enough of all this “dying tumblr” talk.

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