Quad9 is a non-profit DNS provider, so called because of its DNS server. It announced on Wednesday it has moved its headquarters from California to Zürich, Switzerland supported by Packet Clearing House and SWITCH.

Quad9’s move to Switzerland is being facilitated by SWITCH, one of Switzerland‘s centers of competence for internet security. The foundation operates several critical infrastructures and has been committed to greater cybersecurity for decades to make the internet a more secure place for its users. SWITCH is taking a seat on Quad9’s foundation council and contributing to Quad9’s governance.

Interesting move. For many people, private services and companies located in a country like the U.S. is a negative. This is because of the Five Eyes Alliance.

Check It Out: DNS Provider ‘Quad9’ Announces Move to Switzerland

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  1. Zero

    Quad9 has moved its headquarters from California to Zürich, Switzerland, congratulations, but this says absolutely nothing!

    1) Is now Quad9 a Swiss or US entity? If second case is valid, still applies US laws and many other digital Acts
    2) The servers were moved from US to Swiss? If not see above
    3) It would take very long time till people will forget the Crypto AG affair…

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