Is It Time to Quit Twitter?

Aimée Lutkin wrote that it’s time we all quit Twitter. This Friday, August 17, some Twitter users are organizing a “social media walk out” using the hashtag #DEACTIDAY.

BoingBoing writer Mark Frauenfelder posted that his decision to leave is motivated largely by the platform’s refusal to ban Alex Jones, whom they’ve admitted has violated their official policies. Jones has long been spreading conspiracy theories to his many followers, and has encouraged the continued harassment of parents of Sandy Hook victims.

I tend to agree with Kara Swisher when she wrote, “Rules won’t save Twitter. Values will.”

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2 thoughts on “Is It Time to Quit Twitter?

  • Mhmmm just like facebook. The only thing it’s that is far past time to die are the virtue posturing technorati. Boing boing, shwisher, puhleez. All the same type of folks that post to twitter how they quit facbook, only to reactive it 2 minutes later.

    It’s funny, the only facbook links i get from people are from people that have told me how many times they quit facebook.

    These are new modes of communication. Period. Full stop. People will use them to say brilliant and idiotic things, just like the phone, the paper, the TV. Until a new mode comes out supplanting these modes, it’s all a bunch of noise/sound/fury…. and you should know the rest of the quote.

  • The only time I hear about Twitter is when someone says something stupid. The platform is designed for the quick off the cuff response, not any kind of thoughtful discussion. It is time for Twitter to die.

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