Samsung’s latest Galaxy Note 9 marketing campaign bags on Apple store employees, portraying them as bumbling fools blindly pushing iPhones. ZDNET decided to put that to the test. Spoiler alert: they aren’t. My take is that the employee in the ads is a proxy for Apple customers and Samsung is saying you’re stupid for buying an iPhone. They do more to bolster people who are already Samsung customers, and if all your ad campaign does is slam the competition what does that really say about your product?

Check It Out: Samsung Portrays Apple Employees as Idiots, So ZDNET Put that to the Test

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  1. DudeMac

    I’ve always had a great experience at the Apple Store. What’s so great about Samsung anyways? Sorry to say, but from my experience, Android sucks no which flavor!

  2. George Scandalis

    This is coming from a company that can’t figure out how to profit from selling phones, design a phone without copying Apples prior design, keep out of court for intellectual property theft and keep their phones from bursting into flames.
    They’re not all that smart, their phones still use a lame OS and the value of them in the secondary marketplace sinks just as fast as the Zune did.
    They do make some dope TV’s though.

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