Siri on macOS Isn’t a Good Feature

I agree with Jeremy Horwitz when he writes that Siri on macOS “barely registers as a feature.” He specifically refers to the Hey Siri functionality though. I’ve used Siri once or twice on my Mac when it first came out, but that’s it.

Apple first added “Hey Siri” — a voice trigger for the assistant — to iOS devices four years ago. Since then, I’ve found that I can consistently rely upon it for basically three things: to tell me the time, to recite the most basic weather when I’m in bed, and to stop or start playback on my office’s infrequently used HomePod. On occasion, I ask it to do more, but frequently have to ignore or manually correct its irritatingly wrong responses.

Voice control is not a good interface for a computer, at least in my life.

Check It Out: Siri on macOS Isn’t a Good Feature

One thought on “Siri on macOS Isn’t a Good Feature

  • I would’ve thought that Siri or something (much) better would’ve appeared on the Mac OS way before iOS but that just points to priorities at Apple vis a vis computers v Phones.
    It is CLEAR that voice control will be the No 1 Interface of the future not only for computers but for your car and home. Turning knobs or punching lifeless membrane icons will be so yesterday. Elon stated full voice control will be baked into Teslas which only makes sense.🎤

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