Isabella Kwai has “disturbingly agile millennial thumbs” because she prefers to use Apple Notes instead of pen and paper. Ms. Kwai is a New York Times reporter and writes about her technology.

I still keep a notebook on hand that I’ll occasionally use. But to be honest, I have atrocious handwriting, and deciphering it is arduous. Instead, I use the Notes app. I find it easier to write up thoughts and notes that way — though once, it did freak out a source, who asked me how I was able to type and look her in the eye. (Disturbingly agile millennial thumbs is how.)

I love reading about the tech other people use in their work and personal lives. I’m a big user of Apple Notes with close to 1,000 notes, although my thumbs aren’t very agile.

Check It Out: How This New York Times Reporter Uses Apple Notes for Her Job

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  1. geoduck

    I agree. I love notes. I started using it for, well, notes. Visual impressions for writing. Story ideas. Snippets of poetry. Then I discovered I could copy and paste things into it, like links to tames in the AppleStore. That’s where my “I want it” list is. Then I realized I could dictate into it and it would convert that to text. I love how I can share a note I make on my iPad at 2:00am and it will be on my phone the next morning. I find I’m doing more and more stuff with it. For a long time I had my to-do list on Notes.

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