Serif Launches Affinity Publisher for Mac and Windows

Serif, the creators of Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo, have today launched Affinity Publisher. It will let people create designs for magazines, books, brochures, posters, reports, stationary, and more.

Affinity is planning to release the new Publisher app for iPad in the future but for now, both Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo iOS users will have functionality with Affinity Publisher documents.

While Publisher itself will come to iPad later, owners of Affinity Designer and Photo on iPad will be able to open, edit and export Publisher documents, on the move, from today.

Check It Out: Serif Launches Affinity Publisher for Mac and Windows

4 thoughts on “Serif Launches Affinity Publisher for Mac and Windows

  • I’ve been playing with it since the moment the download went live. 😉

    And it has two problems for me that will keep it from being my only publishing tool, and dumping Adobe CC

    1. No endnotes/footnotes yet. Honestly, I know InDesign took forever, but this is an essential item, IMO.

    2. No multi-document publications, aka. books. OK, this one isn’t so “essential” in a manner of speaking, but man, the ability to create separate documents per chapter (which is actually how my wife writes her books), and have them all separate, and only opening one at a time–that is just too much for me to give up to “sections”

    But other than those things, I’m really loving the interface. It’s vastly improved over the early beta I tried months ago, and over InDesign (things somehow seem more logically organized, and even when more “esoteric” –optical alignment, for instance–still don’t feel overwhelming.

    One thing I love, love, love is the personas feature, where you can select an image, click on the Photo persona, and now have the Photos app active within Publisher, and visa versa, etc. Oh, and the fact that all three apps actually share the same file format just makes it all work. Definitely the future–can’t wait to see this app come to the iPad. I may be willing to dump my Windows laptops. 😉

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