3 thoughts on “Should You Install macOS Monterey On An Unsupported Mac?

  • Disagree and provably not true. 5,1 Mac Pro could install new graphics cards that would let it work, and in fact, people have done that and the 5,1 Mac Pro CONTINUES to work great with new operating systems.

    Then we had the situation where 2011 17″ Mac Book Pro, with a DISCRETE graphics card way more powerful than the integrated graphics card in the 2013 Mac book air was cut.

    Now the best thing you can say is that it’s just too much of an administrative hassle for apple to pick out specific machines that are still capable of running, and easier for them to just say all machines of this year are no longer supported. I may even agree with you that’s the general intent and feeling and not a “money grab” per se.

    But Apple has ALL THE MONEY. The ‘hassle” factor is no longer a legit reason for them not to support users, particularly users who spent a LOT more for pumped up machines that CAN and DO handle newer operating systems. And in practical effect, it is a money grab. Because by avoiding the ‘hassle’ they save money in not having to expend resources on support.

    Then again, I generally agree with the spirit of what you say. I don’t think it’s over. But nonetheless, in numerous instances, cutoff is if not arbitrary, certainly capricious since the machines are more than capable.

    And in this user’s case, I think with iMacs, all you say is right on.

  • No, because it may cause problems, mainly due to hardware incompatibilities.
    It would be great if you could include an executive summary (as the above text, or similar) and audio transcription of videos with timing.

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