SolarWinds Hack Affected Tech Companies Like Intel, Cisco, VMware

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The SolarWinds cyber attack didn’t just affect government agencies; big tech companies were affected too. Intel, Nvidia, Cisco, Belkin, and VMware were also infected. The Wall Street Journal reports. If the link below is paywalled, try this article from The Verge.

Intel downloaded and ran the malicious software, the Journal’s analysis found. The company is investigating the incident and has found no evidence the hackers used the backdoor to access the company’s network, a spokesman said.

Check It Out: SolarWinds Hack Affected Tech Companies Like Intel, Cisco, VMware

One thought on “SolarWinds Hack Affected Tech Companies Like Intel, Cisco, VMware

  • Andrew:

    Not only was this hack so wide ranging as to affect numerous critical assets in both the private and governmental sectors, the depth of penetration and potential compromise, if known, has not been publicly disclosed. To describe this act of aggression by a state actor as a ‘hack’, a term of craft to the layperson synonymous with a spoof, a prank, or even a criminal offence, does this offensive manoeuvre a grave injustice. This was an attack by a nationstate upon the assets of the community of nationstates.

    There must be a reciprocal response punitively proportionate to the harm incurred by that community of nationstates. In short, the response should remove an asset from the aggressor’s board. No, this is not an advocacy for assassination. The target must be an asset; something vital, precious, and necessary for the viability and longterm survival of that government – the leadership that made that decision; whilst avoiding collateral damage in the form of innocent human life.

    The cost of that asset should be non-recoverable in near term, and so dear, that the thought of perpetrating a similar act of aggression in future would be as unthinkable as a nuclear first strike in the age of mutual assured destruction. Just that dear and painful. From the collective in open solidarity. The definition of a deterrent.

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