Spotify CEO Discusses ‘Play[ing] Nice’ With Apple and Other Rivals

Spotify CEO Daniel Ek

Spotify is expanding its slate of original podcasts. However, CEO Daniel Ek explained to The Verge that his firm wants its content across all platforms, including Apple’s operating systems, and is unlikely to make its own hardware.

I would have been a lot more concerned if consumers were locked into just one ecosystem. If it was just an Apple, or just a Google, or just an Amazon that kind of owned the consumer across their entire ecosystem. That is a very concerning development, if it were to be true. But I think the good news is what we’re finding is that while Apple, for instance, is very strong on mobiles in many markets, we’re finding Amazon is very strong in their homes, and most of the cars today are being built on Android Auto, which is Google’s ecosystem. And the one thing that is true about Spotify is we play nice on all of them, and I believe we’re the only player that has that relationship where we’re now on 2,000 devices, and we play nice on all of them.

Check It Out: Spotify CEO Discusses ‘Play[ing] Nice’ With Apple and Other Rivals

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