Researchers have discovered a new type of network vulnerability dubbed SSID Stripping. It causes a network name to appear differently in a device’s list of networks, thus tricking people into joining a malicious network.

The SSID Stripping vulnerability affects all major software platforms – Microsoft Windows, Apple iOS and macOS, Android and Ubuntu. With SSID Stripping, it is possible to create a network name in a way that its display only shows a prefix that is similar to a legitimate network name (e.g. the corporate network name) while the actual network name includes the additional specially crafted information.

Check It Out: ‘SSID Stripping’ Can Trick You Into Joining a Malicious Wi-Fi Network

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  1. W. Abdullah Brooks, MD


    There is an old Arabian proverb that, roughly translated, says, ‘I see 1000 builders unequal to one saboteur’.

    For every problem, there is a solution.

    And for every solution, there are countless ways to defeat it, limited only by a saboteur’s ingenuity.

    This is a case in point.

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