T-Mobile Switches on its 600MHz 5G Network

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T-Mobile turned its 600MHz 5G network on, but no one can use it until 5G-capable smartphones are released, like two this Friday.

The “nationwide” 5G deployment relies on a slower form of 5G, using T-Mobile’s 600MHz spectrum. This “low-band” 5G essentially takes airwaves like the ones used for LTE and bundles them together with some new technology to deliver faster speeds.

T-Mobile doesn’t offer specifics on what kind of speeds you’ll see on the new network, and the actual improvements will vary a lot by location. “In some places, 600 MHz 5G will be a lot faster than LTE. In others, customers won’t see as much difference.”

Check It Out: T-Mobile Switches on its 600MHz 5G Network

One thought on “T-Mobile Switches on its 600MHz 5G Network

  • Capitalism at it’s finest. BOHICA. We are the only country that screws it’s people by not having one national speed – the fastest possible; it’s greed plain and simple. Like Spectrum still advertising “more HD channels”, such pathetic horse puckey since I can get 40 HD channels with rabbit ears for free. 📺 Exactly the same greed Apple uses to dodge taxes to the tune of billions. A tax dodge is when you avoid taxes by setting up legal scams to do it. Like paying less than 6% on $300 billion earnings. Instead of the Cayman Islands, Mauritius, the Isle of Man, or Guernsey, Apple chose Jersey for a 0% tax rate. Look it up don’t take my word; that’s your mobile iPhone toy company kids…. slave labor in China and tax dodges in Jersey. And soon, a $60,000 Mac Pro; nice. 🇺🇸

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