This is How Seriously Apple Takes Partner Secrecy

Apple and privacy

Apple, as we all know, loves secrecy. No wonder Hyundai did a quick retreat when it confirmed talks about an Apple car. But, CNBC revealed, the burden placed on partners can go even beyond that.

One example is Corning, which supplies glass for iPhones. Apple has paid the company at least $450 million since 2017 and has highlighted it in its own press releases as an example of an American manufacturing company it supports. But its CEO said earlier this year he wasn’t comfortable talking about the relationship until Corning’s new stronger glass was mentioned during the recent iPhone 12 launch livestream. “I have to tell you that it feels not quite right to use Apple’s name out loud. I still don’t think I’ve ever done that. Inside the company, we have a codename for Apple, we never even say ‘Apple’ inside the company,” Corning CEO Wendell Weeks said on an earnings call in October. “So, if you could see me, I sound like I’m turning a little pink and I am having an anxiety attack, if I read their name out loud.”

Check It Out: This is How Seriously Apple Takes Partner Secrecy

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