Apple REJI Program Lead Alisha Johnson Discusses Latests Announcements

Alisha Johnson Apple ReJI

On Wednesday, Apple announced new programs and investments as part of its Racial Equity and Justice Initiative (REJI). Program lead Alisha Johnson talked to Bustle about how efforts fit within the company.

When we looked at REJI as an effort, we had this great model to follow. And it was the environment work that Apple’s been steeped in for over a decade, where in order to ensure this work is sustained and that it’s far-reaching and affects every part of our operations. We have employees in every part of our operations who are looking at ways to already start to focus this work in their daily roles… We talked to our content team, Apple Music, and Apple TV+, and they’re already looking at ways that they can ensure they’re elevating Black voices, that their programming is focused on educating customers. As we were having internal conversations within Apple around launching REJI, there were teams that were already deploying education moments for customers. They weren’t waiting for our green light. We had a Siri team that was already put together in response to the question, “Do all lives matter?” so people could really understand the importance of saying Black lives matter.

Check It Out: Apple REJI Program Lead Alisha Johnson Discusses Latests Announcements

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