Three Annoying Apple Problems on the Way to Being Fixed

We all have particular bugbears with certain Apple products or services – the things that don’t work quite how we want. Over at MacWorld, Dan Moren lists three that are on their way to being fixed – the Apple TV remote, upgrades to Siri, and a battery health reporting in iPhone 11s.

One thing that surprised but didn’t delight owners of iPhone 11 series handsets was an issue reporting the health of their batteries. In some cases that meant the battery draining too fast or performance being degraded—but the bug, as it turned out, issued from software, not the batteries themselves. Apple says iOS 14.5 will attempt to rectify this issue by re-calibrating the battery health reporting system on the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Check It Out: Three Annoying Apple Problems on the Way to Being Fixed

2 thoughts on “Three Annoying Apple Problems on the Way to Being Fixed

  • Well there others that also need to be fixed:

    Pressing Return in Messages on Macintosh sends the message instead adding a new line. Yeah I know about Option-Return, but there should be a send button.
    The Page Up and End buttons should work in Apple News
    Search needs to improved in Music with options for searching solely in categories such as Titles, Lyrics, Album Names, and so on. Also allow for typos, a web search engine can do that.
    And speaking of Siri the command “Turn on Xxxxxx” should turn on the HomeKit scene. All too often Siri plays music based on the Xxxxxx. The command “Play Xxxxxx” should play the album or whatever.

  • I don’t have an AppleTV. The Siri changes are just the voices, not a functional improvement. The battery health monitor refinement is appreciated though.

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