TikTok Admits Shadow Banning Some LGBT Hashtags

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TikTok has admitted blocking some LGBT-related hashtags in certain countries, BBC News reported. It followed a report by the Australian Strategic Policy Institute.

A shadow ban limits the discovery of content without indicating that a particular hashtag is on a ban list. TikTok said that some hashtags were restricted to comply with local laws. According to the ASPI, terms that were not linking to content included: “gay” in Russian and Arabic, “I am a lesbian” and “I am gay” in Russian “transgender” in Arabic. TikTok said that while some terms were restricted to comply with local laws, others were limited because they were primarily used to discover pornographic content.

Check It Out: TikTok Admits Shadow Banning Some LGBT Hashtags

4 thoughts on “TikTok Admits Shadow Banning Some LGBT Hashtags

  • But they totally deserve 230 protection, right? right? No. When you editorialize content youre a publisher. If MacObserver is liable for what it says, so should the social media companies that majority editorialize what is said.

    The media companies are backing this shill free speech narrative to turn everyone into useful idiot dupes:

    TikTok, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and others, all editorialize. All do not deserve 230 protection. MacObserver has to stand by it’s editorialized content, so should the hypocrite full of **** companies.

    1. First Section 230 only applies in the US. This is in Russia, and parts of the Middle east, so 230 is moot.
      But more importantly, the administration’s moving to eliminate 230 from social media platforms is beyond stupid. The platforms have been trying to not censor things, limited by issues like hate speech. Stripping 230 means that then they really WILL have to censor. You ain’t seen nothing like the elimination of various forms of speech, editorializing as you put it. And as he’s the hater and lier in chief I’d expect Trump to lose his Twitter account first. So yes TikToc should have 230, within the US, just as FB, Twitter, and all the rest. That isn’t really the issue here.

      1. What a joke. Thanks for the red herring and obvious. Please enlighten us about the wetness of water next.

        Tiktok reaches us soil and has protections here. They censor lgbt here too. 230 applies. So bzzzt you’re wrong. They censor all kinds of things and hate speech is legal speech. Your opinion or their opinion of hate speech or anything else is just that. Opinion, and in your case highly uninformed opinion. One persons freedom fighter is another’s terrorist. You haven’t a clue.

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