Fight For The Future Launches ‘Save Online Free Speech’ Campaign

Digital rights group Fight for the Future has launched a new campaign to save online free speech. The goal is to stop an executive order that would “gut Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, put the FCC and FTC in charge of policing online speech, and open the floodgates for widespread Internet censorship.”

The page allows visitors to easily submit a comment to the FCC opposing the executive order and similarly misguided proposals to gut Section 230, by filling out a form and selecting from a dropdown menu of humorous adjectives describing the order, such as “ass-backwards,” “despicable,” and “legally unsound.”

Update: Andrew Orr discussed this article on Security Friday.

Check It Out: Fight For The Future Launches ‘Save Online Free Speech’ Campaign

2 thoughts on “Fight For The Future Launches ‘Save Online Free Speech’ Campaign

  • But they totally deserve 230 protection, right? right? No. When you editorialize content youre a publisher. If MacObserver is liable for what it says, so should the social media companies that majority editorialize what is said.

    The media companies are backing this shill free speech narrative to turn everyone into useful idiot dupes. See what tick tock does.

    TikTok, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and others, all editorialize. All do not deserve 230 protection. MacObserver has to stand by it’s editorialized content, so should the hypocrite full of **** companies.

  • Yea, so it’s ok that Google/Facebook/Twitter editorialize like publications, but they should get immunity despite doing exactly what MacObserver does… How about no. If you decide to editorialize content, you dont get protection. This is a farce. And the big outlets deserve to lose 230 protection because they do not behave like the telephone company, which is agnostic to all communications on their system. But they pick and choose the content they allow or do not allow on their systems.

    The irony that these companies stifle others free speech is seemingly lost on everyone with their heads in the sand on this.

    You can’t have it both ways. And their hypocrisy on this issue is limitless. They’ve got it coming, and it’s long overdue.

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