Tile Reveals Adhesive Sticker to Track ‘Dumb’ Objects

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Tile revealed its later product, Sticker, Thursday, to help make ‘dumb’ objects traceable, Techcrunch reported. It comes amid rumors Apple will unveil something similar in the near future.

Today, the startup unveiled Sticker, a new, waterproof tracking device that uses adhesive created in collaboration with 3M to attach to objects to be able to track them by Bluetooth to a range of 150 feet, or further using Tile’s community network by way of its app. Alongside this, the startup is also announcing enhancements to its existing range of Tile tracking devices. The Slim is now in the shape and thinness of a credit card, designed for wallets and other places where you might insert card-shaped information (for example, in luggage ID compartments), and its range has been extended to 200 feet with a battery life of three years. And the Mate and Pro tags — the square-shaped fobs that Tile is most famous for — are also getting their ranges extended respectively to 200 and 400 feet.

Check It Out: Tile Reveals Adhesive Sticker to Track ‘Dumb’ Objects

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