Tim Cook Does Not Get Enough Credit

Tim cook

It is eight years since Steve Jobs passed away.  A little over that since Tim Cook succeeded him as CEO of Apple. At Forbes, Chuck Jones argues that Mr. Cook is still not getting the credit his deserves.

Analysts say that there hasn’t been any innovation at Apple over the past eight years, that Cook needs to be replaced and that the company should acquire at least one or more large companies to “take it to the next level.” They seem to ignore some new products that are generating tens of billions of revenue every year… In fiscal 2011 Apple generated just under $3 billion in Services revenue vs. a projected $46 billion in fiscal 2019. Cook has also announced a goal of approximately $50 billion next year, which the iPhone reached in fiscal 2011 or four years after it became available.

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One thought on “Tim Cook Does Not Get Enough Credit

  • Baloney. A doorknob could’ve run Apple better since Jobs died. Timmy has done nothing but falter with fake promises of cars and AR and AI but uhhh – nothing. Yearly planned obsolescence bug fixes and software crashes are now expected such as the job killing Catalina lack of compatibility for plug-ins causing crashes on Pro machines editing music and movies.
    There is simply no excuse for this baloney. You’d think the Pro Mac developers would check FIRST for compatibility with plug-ins and the Avid suite. But the iOS toys and fragile stupid credit cards, financial services and, and….YAWN. If Services is Timmy’s legacy well – then he’s a fail for what was once a great computer company.

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