UK Tesco Shopper Orders Apples, Gets iPhone SE

Image of 2020 iPhone se

One happy customer in London, England ordered apples at a supermarket and came away with an iPhone SE. The Mirror reported that customer Nick James found out he’d randomly won the device when he went to pick up a ‘click and collect’ order at a Tesco Extra store.

Mr James was gobsmacked to receive a free iPhone SE in his click and collect order. He told the Mirror: “I was half expecting the surprise to be an Easter egg or something – I was a little bit shocked to say the least.” Tesco Mobile is giving away free Apple iPhones, AirPods and Samsung devices as part of a “super substitutes” promotion this week. Tweeting about his win earlier this week, he said: “A big thanks this week to Tesco and Tesco Mobile. “On Wednesday evening we went to pick up our click and collect order and had a little surprise in there – an Apple iPhone SE.

Check It Out: UK Tesco Shopper Orders Apples, Gets iPhone SE

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