Users Reported iOS 12.1.3 WiFi Issues

When it first launched, iOS 12.1.3 stopped some users accessing cellular data, something that had already happened with the rollout of iOS 12.1.2. The situation was so bad, provider Sprint put out a warning. This emerged after iOS 12.1.1 caused 4G issues. Now, it seems, the latest version of the operating system is also causing WiFi issues. Gordon Kelly rounded up the situation for Forbes.

Apple’s pledge with iOS 12 was to focus on performance and reliability. It actually fulfilled its promise on speed, which makes iOS 12 a very appealing upgrade, but its failure with reliability is twofold. Not only are major bugs still occurring, what’s worse (since bugs are inevitable), is they not being fixed as a priority from release to release.

Check It Out: Users Reported iOS 12.1.3 WiFi Issues

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