A surveillance company called Banjo has partnered with Utah state authorities to enable a dystopian panopticon.

The lofty goal of Banjo’s system is to alert law enforcement of crimes as they happen. It claims it does this while somehow stripping all personal data from the system, allowing it to help cops without putting anyone’s privacy at risk. As with other algorithmic crime systems, there is little public oversight or information about how, exactly, the system determines what is worth alerting cops to.

Check It Out: Utah is Now a Surveillance State Thanks to This Company

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  1. geoduck

    I find it very ironic that Republicans now support this sort of thing. My folks Republican party, the party I grew up with would have been horrified. Government intrusion, surveillance, and spying, was something the Communists in East Germany or the USSR did. The Republican party of Eisenhower and Nixon and Ford and Paul Laxalt, and Tom McCall, and Barry Goldwater would never have tolerated this crap.

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